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Your trust is a privilege that I take very seriously

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A escort service is one of the most intimate services a man can use.

  (Or even a woman, but this is much rarer.) A Gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell, is an old saying. Some clients call or write us after a date and talk about what they liked or what they missed. Most give no feedback at all, and only when the customer requests the same lady again do we know that he had a good time in the first place. In this respect, Escort differs little from other services. Usually there is only feedback when things have gone extremely bad. Otherwise customers maintain reserved after the date.

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Lisbon Escort

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Ellen does like some feedback, and it is a great pleasure for her to be able to assist you in you questions.

Ellen call or text us

(PT) (+351) 913462904

  • We hope to provide you the best experience with our high standard service.
  • If you have any more questions or queries Please call / E-mail our sweet manager “Ellen” and she will further assist you.
  •  (PT) (+351) 913462904 (Call or Text us anytime!) 

Your trust is a privilege that I take very seriously

In order to make the next date even better! How could we recommend the best lady if we do not know what you like and what not? It is less about preferences and intimate details. More important is that: On your last date you met Linda. It was nice but she was a bit too exhilarated. For the next date you have Victoria, Mara and Lisa on your candidate list. After a cross-check of the preferences and other relevant parameters, Victoria and Demi remain. Luise is the whirlwind and Lisa a bit more reserved. If you dont tell us that Linda was too lively for your taste, it might happen that we now propose the likewise exhilarated Victoria. Don´t blame us for you déjà vu. We don´t attend the dates and cannot read your mind… read more.....

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